Series M Metal Seated Ball Valves

Metal Seat
Stainless Steel 17-4PH Stem
3 Seat Configurations

Series C Cryogenic Ball Valves

Valves meet Test Specifications
of BS 6364 For Cryogenic Valves.

Series CL Chlorine Ball Valves

Valves meet specifications of Chlorine Institute
Pamphlet 6 Piping Systems for Dry Chlorine

Series W84/W99/W50 Ball Valves For Steam Services

Steam & Thermal Fluids Valve to be
welded in line without Disassembly.
Steam up to 500 Working Steam Pressure
Thermal Fluids to 600 F

Flush Bottom Tank Valves

Flange Made from Solid Bar
Angle Engineered Design
Pipe & Tube Sizes