Series 815, 830 and 860 Butterfly Valves

  • Jamesbury brand, WAFER-SPHERE® high-performance butterfly valves are available in wafer and single-flanged lugged designs for dead-end service for ANSI class 150, 300 and 600 pressure class applications. The Wafer-Sphere high-performance butterfly valve is available in a range of materials and seat combinations suitable for service in a wide variety of applications including NACE MR0103, and abrasive services. Also available are valves specifically prepared for chlorine, oxygen, high vacuum, and high cycle applications.

Series K815, K830 and K860 Butterfly Valves

  • Metso Automation’s Jamesbury brand, Series K815, K830 and K860 cryogenic designs offer the same features and benefits as Series 815, 830 and 860, and are designed to operate in cryogenic applications such as Liquid Nitrogen or Liquid Oxygen in the air separation industury to -320° F or beyond.

Series 835 Butterfly Valve

  • Jamesbury brand, Series 835, reduced-rated ANSI Class 150, WAFER-SPHERE® high-performance butterfly valves are an excellent, cost-effective alternative for shutoff pressures up to 100 psi. The Series 835 provides the same long-lasting tight shutoff capability, excellent flow characteristics, and long service life as the fully ANSI-rated Series 815. They are available in 30″ to 60″ designs.